Alpha Alkova Excel V2/56"


Alpha Alkova Excel V2/56"


No. Of blades: 5

Fan width: 56"

Downrod length: 8"

Blade material: ABS

Colour available : Matt black

Control type: Rf

Speed selection : 12

Timer on: Yes

Last memory : Yes

Forward/Reverse : Yes

Natural wind : Yes

Motor type: DC

Motor rpm: 80-200

Air flow: 10560

Voltage : 220-240v

Wattage : 5w-55w

Energy saving DC motorCeiling fans are functional and decorative fixtures suspended from the ceiling that improve air circulation. They typically consist of a central motor housing with rotating blades that help cool the surrounding air during warm weather and distribute heat evenly in colder seasons. Ceiling fans come in various styles and sizes, catering to different interior design preferences and room dimensions.

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